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News from the Chair

1 April 2022

Up-to-date information from the AHBIC Chairman

  1. AHBIC has lodged a complaint with the Queensland Health Department re some Indian honey that was found on the shelves in Perth. Analysis by Hive and Wellness has found it to be adulterated. The reason we need to lodge in Queensland is that as the States enforce the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Codes they have an agreement that any complaint is lodged in the State where the people who imported the product are based. So in this case it was imported by a company in Queensland.
    AHBIC has also lodged a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). More information as it comes to hand.
  2. AHBIC applied for membership of the Agriculture Consultative Committee (AgCC) for a two-year term covering 2022 and 2023. Great news we have been granted membership. This will present an excellent opportunity to advance our industry causes within the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
  3. Most would have seen the new $2 coin the Australian Mint put out to celebrate that it is 200 years since the honey bee was successfully introduced into Australia. We thank the Australian Mint for their work in producing this coin. I hear that it was one of the fastest selling coins. I have been asked why did industry not know about this until it was launched? That is because just a few of the Executive were involved in the negotiations with the Australian Mint on the coin and we were asked to not say anything until the launch. The public reaction has been in the main very positive. There have been the expected negative comments from those opposed to honey bees but that is part for the course.
  4. Our attention has been drawn to Bunnings selling beekeeping equipment that is imported from the USA. AHBIC is in conversation with Bunnings re this in particular that it seems to be different sizes to that sold in Australia and also the beeswax. Will let you know how we progress.
  5. We are progressing re appointing a new CEO. A sort list will be available soon for us to consider and then the interview process.
  6. I hope you registered early for the 4th Australian Bee Congress in Sydney in June. Early bird registrations have closed but registrations are still open. I hope to see you there.
  7. Nuffield Scholarships are now available. For details go to Note application close on 17 June.
  8. For those of you that are eligible the following is something you may wish to consider. Pacific Australia Mobility Scheme
  9. News from the NT Farmers newsletter. I put these here as some beekeepers may get caught up in this when they carry out pollination of melons.
    Plant Health Australia (PHA) and Melons Australia have teamed up for a new one-year Melon Industry Extension for Biosecurity project to strengthen melon growers’ resilience in biosecurity response, recovery capacity and understanding of proactive on-farm biosecurity practices. Visit Melons Australia and Plant Health Australia for more information on melon industry biosecurity.
  10. Not sure if any beekeepers employ their staff on piece work rates. There have been changes made to this. Details can be found at
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