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Beekeeping 101

If you are thinking about setting up a bee hive, it is an exciting time, but important you have all the information you need. We’ve pulled together some top tips in the videos below to help you get started.
We also encourage you to contact your local beekeeping club as they often have mentoring programs and are happy to share their expertise with you.

Managing your bee hive to prevent pests and diseases

Are you aware that pests and diseases are one of the biggest negative impacts to a successful bee hive? Watch this video to learn how to look for pests and diseases and the importance good biosecurity practices will make to keeping your bee hive healthy.

Setting up your first bee hive

Are you thinking about setting up a bee hive? Watch this video to learn about registering your bee hive, locating accredited training, deciding on the type of bee hive, choosing a suitable location, and finally buying bees from a reputable breeder.


Beekeeping as a business

Are you looking to make money from your beekeeping? Watch this video to learn what other products you can sell and what you need to do before you can legally sell your honey. Experienced beekeepers may also sell bees and larger commercial beekeepers can provide pollination services for agriculture and horticulture industries.