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Friends of AHBIC

 ‘Friends of AHBIC’ is a group of organisations and individuals who provide generous financial support so we can advocate effectively on behalf of the honey bee industry.

We encourage beekeepers to support those packers, queen bee breeders, equipment manufacturers and suppliers who are ‘Friends of AHBIC’.

We thank all the contributors and supporters listed below for their generous and ongoing support and also those who choose to remain anonymous.



Beechworth Honey Enterprises P/L

Hive & Wellness Australia P/L

Goldfield Honey Australia

Gold plus

Beekeeping Australia Pty Ltd

Monsons Honey

Bega Cheese Ltd

Goldfields Honey Bee and Pollination Services Pty Ltd


Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW


David Tabratt

Warral Apiaries

Sterling Kershaw & Co

Aussie Apiaries

Archibald Honey Pty Ltd


Archibald Honey

Bee Industry Council of WA

Weerona Apiaries

AJ & MA Cotton

Daryl Brenton

Australian honey products

Bees Neez Apiaries

Moore Pollination and honey

Central Victorian Apiarists Association

Hooper Honey

Gell's Honey Maryborough

Stephen Fewster

CT & CC Cooper


Hannah Bebb

Zac Alcock

Bailiwick Legal

Eastburn, Murray & Sandy

Desert Breeze Honey

ML & DJ Porter

Andrew Jones

Brenton Davis

Daniel Warman

Naicol Pty Ltd

Dessert Breeze Honey


Bayside Beekeepers Association

Ipswich & West Moreton Beekeepers Association

Castlecrag Honey Pty Ltd

David Briggs

Ballarat Honey

Corinne Jordan

Jurgen Rochelmeyer

Geelong Beekeepers Club

Snives Hives

FNC Apiaries

Nicola AM

The Beekeepers Club Inc

Stephen Target

Lois Langley


1000 Flowers Honey

Complete Property Reno's

AB's Honey

Megan Sutherland

M L Tenney

Stafford Engineering

Barry Cooper

Gustare Honey Australia

Honeyworks Pty Ltd

HL & HM Hoskinson

Glenn Locke

S M Lloyd

Stephen Targett


Mark Faithfull

Robert Shaw

Bag-End Apiaries

Jenny McCormick

Noel Tysoe

Alex Vanek

Kalee Coster

Chris Welsh

Lisa Sinclair

Christopher Welsh

Robbie Ashhurst