Important Notice Varroa Mite Incursion Update

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Industry Update – day 85 of the response
15 September 2022

UPDATED Emergency Order No. 28 Commercial Queen Breeders can resume business Queens and queen cells can now be raised and sold commercially within NSW with conditions including completing the Tocal… Read More

Industry Update
28 August 2022

INDUSTRY MEETING AHBIC will be holding an open industry meeting on Wednesday 31st August at 6pm AEST via Zoom. This will be a Zoom meeting hosted by AHBIC and will… Read More

NSW Emergency Response Beekeeper update
13 August 2022

Beekeeper update 13 August 2022 NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) is continuing efforts in response to the Varroa mite incursion, confirmed as Varroa destructor, found in biosecurity surveillance… Read More

Incursion update
1 August 2022

Reporting of this incursion has been focused on mite detections and the red dots on maps. The work that has been conducted by the 30 odd field teams of beekeeper volunteers, DPI, RFS and LLS staff across the red, purple, yellow and blue zones is often not highlighted. Read More

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