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Notice of AHBIC Annual General Meeting

1 April 2022

12th June Nesuto Apartments – Parramatta

Currently – Trevor Weatherhead (will not be renominating).

Executive Positions
– Peter Barnes – eligible to renominate (will not be renominating).
– Ben McKee – eligible to renominate.

To nominate for Chair the following process applies form the constitution:

7.7 Nominations of candidates for election as Chair of AHBIC:-

a. shall be made in writing, signed by one voting delegate and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate.

b. each nominee may submit a two hundred (200) word statement.

c. the nomination shall be delivered to the Secretary not less than twenty eight days prior to the date fixed for the holding of the Annual General Meeting. All delegates are to be notified of all nominations at least fourteen days prior to the holding of the Annual General Meeting.

d. If no nominations are received as required under sub-rules 7.7 (a) and 7.7 (c), nominations shall be taken from the floor at the next Annual General Meeting.

Observers are allowed at the AHBIC AGM but any observers MUST register with AHBIC and pay the associated cost via emailing