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June 2024

Chair Report – June 2024

Our Australian State conferences and member body AGMs are nearly completed for 2024. Congratulations to all office bearers that have been elected to represent their members.  I have enjoyed attending… Read More

CEO Update June 2024

Conference season is upon us with many of the state conferences hosting incredible speakers and disseminating information across the country. Varroa has been the hot topic for many conferences with… Read More

Requeening Reconsidered

Article written by Phil Godman, Biosecurity Tasmania Of all the factors affecting the productivity and behaviour of a beehive, none is more significant than the queen bee herself. A vigorous,… Read More

VDO presentation at Preston’s Honey, NSW

Article written by Dave Sommers, National Transition to Management Program Earlier this month NSW Varroa Development Officers (VDOs) from the National Varroa Mite Management Program attended a gathering of beekeepers… Read More

Friends of AHBIC

As always, we thank our very generous ‘Friends of AHBIC’ for the ongoing support that helps us to advocate effectively on behalf of the honey bee industry. Read More