Important Notice Varroa Mite update - General Emergency Zone across NSW

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General Emergency Zone across NSW

27 June 2022

On Wednesday the 22nd June an initial detection of Varroa mite was found in sentinel hives at the port of Newcastle. A second confirmed detection in a commercial load of bees occurred within 10km on Saturday 25th June. Read More

Varroa Mite detected at the Port of Newcastle
24 June 2022

On late Wednesday the 22nd of June AHBIC was made aware of the detection of mites in surveillance hives at the port of Newcastle. AHBIC has acted swiftly in working with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to ensure the sentinel hives have been euthanised and the mites identified. Read More

A bicentennial of honey bees
9 March 2022

TODAY marks two hundred years since seven honey bee hives arrived in Australia forging an industry that now supports human nutrition and contributes $14.2 billion to the national economy each year. Read More