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Note from Acting CEO

1 March 2022

It’s been a busy few months at AHBIC.

Over the last month we have submitted three government consultation paper submissions, met with DAWE and corresponded with the department on many issues. Issues including the importation of honey, developing new export markets, national security briefing and participated in the launch of the NEXDOC online platform and the National Agricultural Market Intelligence Hub (NAMI HUB).

Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE)

AHBIC has been writing to DAWE highlighting the high level of imported honey from NZ and also more recently Malaysia. We have questioned what testing is occurring and raising strong concerns about the extremely low value of the imported honey resulting in speculation around quality. This robust conversation is continuing as AHBIC is pushing for more testing of this imported honey. The newly launched NAMI HUB will be a useful tool in monitoring the importation of honey. The platform allows filtering of a range of parameters and provides some nice info graphics. As we learn how to use this new tool we will share the outputs.

Round table meetings

I attended a couple of round table meetings in Canberra with DAWE. The first being a national security briefing and the impacts the geopolitical instability could have on ag industries. The second was around developing Indonesia as a new large export destination. The strong message from the security briefing was that we can no longer rely on China as being the number one export destination and we need to diversify our customers. This lead into Indonesia as being one of the destinations we could diversify into. Some fast facts about Indonesia – 4th most populous country and the third largest economy in the world. Its 270 million population will increase by more than the size of Australia’s population by the end of the decade to over 300 million!! Indonesia already imports significant volumes of honey and there is the opportunity for our industry to develop a strong footprint in that market. More info


The congress organising is well under way. The 4 days will be jammed packed with information and activities. A reminder that early bird registration closes on the 22nd April. We have over 50 speakers confirmed so far and a huge range of trade exhibitors. The Bee Tech Challenge (see advert) will give delegates an insight into what is possible and the trade stands will showcase what is already available for industry.

Congress Scholarships

AHBIC has partnered with AgriFutures to make 5 scholarships available for people wanting to attend the congress. The scholarships will provide full registration and a $300 bursary to assist in travel and accommodation expenses. To apply go to:

Shout out

A big thank you to the congress organising committee for the boat load of work that has been done so far especially Shona Blair (Chair) and Therese Kershaw (Trade and Sponsorship). The hours Therese has put into the congress is astonishing and I thank her for all the time and effort.

Scam Alert

Finally, I have been made aware of a fraudulent email claiming to be from AHBIC and B-Qual circulating. We are getting to the bottom of the issue but be aware it is a scam! Delete if it is not from the AHBIC email.

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