Important Notice Bee Pest Blitz 2023

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CEO Update April- May 2023

22 May 2023

    Varroa continues to dominate activities.  AHBIC hosted a successful webinar on 11th May to inform industry of the response progress.  This was well received with nearly 500 participants… Read More

Bee Aware of Exotic Bees
22 May 2023

Dave Schlipalius, Bee Biosecurity Officer, Biosecurity Queensland, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. No one knows bees better than beekeepers. This makes beekeepers the perfect eyes and ears for detecting… Read More

Friends of AHBIC
1 January 2022

As always, we thank our very generous ‘Friends of AHBIC’ for the ongoing support that helps us to advocate effectively on behalf of the honey bee industry. Read More

CEO Update March 2023
22 March 2023

CEO Update Mad March has lived up to its reputation.  The Varroa response continues to grow in size, however the NSW DPI keep delivering their best effort to resource it… Read More