Important Notice Varroa Mite Incursion Update

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Industry Update – Blue Zone Paper & 215 days of response

CEO Update January 2023
25 January 2023

Happy new year! Hopefully this year will be filled with greater honey prospects than the last! On behalf of our Chair and the board we welcome Bianca Giggins to the… Read More

AHBIC Varroa Update – Day 184
24 December 2022

Response update Euthanasia has largely been completed in the established red zones.  Teams have been tasked back onto purple zone surveillance using mats and strips and closing off blue zone… Read More

CEO Update
23 December 2022

What a year! 2022 has been a whirl wind year for AHBIC, starting with the resignation of our CEO in December 2021, appointment of an acting CEO at the start… Read More

Chair report
23 December 2022

Varroa has still been the main focus in time and effort for AHBIC since the last newsletter.  When not focused on varroa it has been meetings with many government departments. … Read More