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Varroa Test Landing

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Varroa news

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National Transition to Management: Webinar 1
3 May 2024

30 April 2024 Hosted by AHBIC including presentations to share the work being done under the National Transition to Management for Varroa. Including: Overview of the current activities from Tamara… Read More

CEO Update April 2024
29 April 2024

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of weeks break in April to reset and recharge.  Thanks to Bianca, Stephen and Jon for covering whilst I was away. … Read More

Chair Report – April 2024
29 April 2024

The Transition to Management (T2M) rollout is under way.  NSW DPI have completed the first ‘Train the Trainers’ event in NSW and I attended one of the NSW Varroa Management… Read More