Statement of Recent Fraudulent Honey Claims

The Australian honey bee industry is a small industry with a BIG impact. The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) believes with 100% pure Australian Honey, we have the absolute best honey in the world.

The whole beekeeping community is disappointed with the allegations of adulteration in the Australian retail honey market and is keen to reassure customers that this is a question about imported honey, not Australian honey. Australian honey is safe and not under question. Australian honey should be trusted.

AHBIC has recently asked the Australian government to begin using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to test honey imported into Australia as one of the best available methods of testing. AHBIC made this request on the 4th of July 2018 and it is being considered by Government. Since that time AHBIC has become aware of questions about the veracity of the NMR testing on its own as an appropriate testing regime and is continuing discussions with Government as to what is the most effective and reliable suite of testing measures that need to be used to identify adulterated honey.

Through its strategic plan AHBIC has identified as a key priority the need to maintain access to well functioning markets and help maintain a viable domestic honey market. This is underpinned by plans to:

  • take a strong imported bee products and Imported Honey testing/protocol focus and act as “watchdogs” to the ACCC and Government.
  • test imported honey samples and report non-complying products to ACCC.”

This issue highlights the need to increase the current testing rate of only 5% of shipments of honey being imported into Australia and for a better testing regime than currently exists. AHBIC will be working with the Government to achieve this.

AHBIC cannot comment further on the specifics of the current case as it is not aware of the full details, but fully supports a speedy investigation by the ACCC of this matter. AHBIC trusts the ACCC to protect the interests of the consumer.

It is essential at a time like this that the public gets behind Australian beekeepers and companies who provide a reliable and quality honey product.

Peter McDonald
5 September, 2018

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