The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council has established an independently developed and audited food safety program – B-Qual Australia Pty Limited. Detailed information about this quality assurance program is available via the link below.

Australian Queen Bee Breeding Program

The Australian Queen Bee Breeding program (AQBBP) was established to help the beekeeping industry and having that pool of genetic material lends itself to having evaluations carried out in many areas. Informtion about this program is available via the link below.

Code of Practice and National Bee Biosecurity Program

For the past 3 years, the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) and Plant Health Australia (PHA) have been working to implement effective biosecurity arrangements for beekeepers around Australia. Ensuring the honey bee industry has the capacity to better manage established pests, and to have surveillance in place for early detection of exotic pests such as Varroa mite is critical to the future sustainability and viability of the Australian honey bee and pollination industry. Learn more about the Code of Practice and National Bee Biosecurity Program.

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