About Us

Our Mission:

“To maximize the efficient use of industry resources and funds to ensure the long term economic viability, security and prosperity of the Australian Honey Bee Industry in Australia”

Our Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To foster, promote, enhance and protect the interests of the Australian Honey Bee Industry and the viability of its members.
  • To represent industry policy at all levels of government, private enterprise and the public.
  • To promote, support, seek amendments to, or oppose any legislation or measure that may affect the industry.
  • To assist and/or cooperate with any organisation, body, association, person or persons in the best interests of AHBIC.
  • To enhance the industry by encouraging the adoption of best pratice in production, quality assurance, presentation and promotion of its products.
  • To conduct educational, promotional and public relations campaigns in the best interest of the industry and AHBIC where appropriate.
  • To gather and distribute to members, industry intelligence from local and international sources, and to function as a channel for information exchange within Australia and between Australia and other countries, leading to better understanding.
  • To enhance the development of all industry sectors through education and extension to interdependent industries within the public and agricultural communities.
  • To act in any way not defined in these objects considered advisable in the best interets of the industry.
  • To be accountable to the members of AHBIC.

View the updated AHBIC constitution (PDF) …. Constitution (2019) (PDF 112 KB)


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