Warning – Honey bees at risk from canola spraying for green peach aphid

AHBIC has been informed that there is a lot of spraying of canola for the green peach aphid which is spreading the western beet yellowing virus. There are some chemicals being used that are deadly to honey bees.

Many beekeepers have already been shifting hives away. It will pay for beekeepers to check for canola anywhere within a 10 kilometre radius of where they currently have bees located and find out if spraying is to happen.

AHBIC is looking for further information and is planning to put out a press release to inform farmers, agronomists and beekeepers about the risks of this spraying on bees.

AHBIC is communicating this information to you as you may be affected or know a beekeeper that could be affected. Please communicate with your friends on this matter. Please see AHBIC letter here (PDF 220KB)

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