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AHBIC Education Program

AHBIC has produced some training material to assist recognised training organisations (RTOs) to provide assistance in apiary training. This material is available free of charge to any RTO. If you wish to take advantage please contact AHBIC at 07 5467 2265 or email

Government assistance may be available for commercial beekeepers who want to employ a trainee. Amateur beekeepers will also be able to undertake the training programs if they wish.

Requirements for RTOs wanting to deliver elective units

As a general rule, RTOs can offer/deliver units as electives within the packaging rules of a qualification on their scope of registration even if the units are:

  • not drawn from a qualification the RTO is registered to provide, and
  • not drawn from the training package that hosts the qualification into which the unit is being drawn as an elective

E.g. An RTO registered to deliver Certificate III in Food processing can now deliver some electives in Beekeeping from the Certificate III in Agriculture – Beekeeping.

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