Basic Beekeeping Skill Set

  • This Course is suitable for entry level workers in the beekeeping industry and for hobby beekeepers.
  • It covers the basic skills and knowledge required to keep and maintain a bee hive or operate a small apiary.
  • The units of competency in this qualification can provide credit towards a Certificate III in Beekeeping.
  • Legislation, regulations and by-laws relating to bee hive ownership and biosecurity codes of practice apply in some states and territories.

Steps involved in beginning a Basic Beekeeping Skill Set

  1. Go to to view the list of units of competency in this course and the Registered Training Organisations (RTO) who are registered to deliver this course.
  2. Choose the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) you would like to deliver the training.
  3. Contact your chosen RTO:

a)  Enquire if the organisation is currently registered and approved to deliver this training to beekeepers in their scope of registration.

b)  Enquire if the organisation can deliver this course.

c)  Ask where and how the training will be delivered – onsite, offsite at training premises, electronically or a combination of methods.

d)  Find out about payment arrangements with the organisation.

e)  Before proceeding with any payment and starting the training, complete the initial paperwork (enrolment forms and training plan) with the help of your RTO.

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