COVID-19 Information and Updates

COVID-19 Updates and information by Aust Honey Bee Industry Council and Australian Almonds

Border closures and restrictions:

Update for Beekeepers crossing Murray Valley Highway Crossing near Robinvale Vic and the Tooleybuc Bridge Crossing:

  • All drivers of heavy vehicles carrying bees are to call NSW Police 0427 421 793 when crossing both the Murray Valley Highway Crossing near Robinvale Vic (also known as the Euston Crossing) and the Tooleybuc Bridge Crossing.
  • Drivers are to advise police of the prime mover and rear trailer registration numbers and importantly the time of crossing. Police will turn the lights off at the checkpoints before and until the vehicle passes.

Status of entry points into Victoria:

NSW border restrictions with Victoria update:

Protocol for Domestic Border Controls – Freight Movements

SA cross border travel

Best Management Practice for the Transportation of Open Entrance Beehives:

Please note: it is suggested that drivers carry a copy of the Best Management Practice document and work within the scope of the document.

Requirements to enter Victoria with Beehives:

Download this update here

Face coverings

State by state – brief overview of the current situation:

Updates from Australian Almonds:

For further updates please refer to your state apiarists associations:

Updates from Queensland Beekeepers’ Association to members:

Download this QBA update here

Additional PDF download:

Download this QBA update here

Additional PDF downloads:

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