Claims of Honey Adulteration

AHBIC is taking this matter very seriously.

We need to know where these samples came from so we can trace them and take necessary action to prevent it happening again. At this time we have no detail as to which segment of the industry is involved.

We are talking with one of the researchers involved in the study to clarify the questions we have and he will be attending a scheduled meeting of AHBIC in the near future.

Right now, the reputation of all Australian honey has been collateral damage and tarnished in a study that found isolated cases of alleged adulterated honey.

We’re working with the Federal Government to discuss what options can be implemented on a national and independent way to protect our industry from issues that call into question the quality of Australian honey.

The 1500+ beekeepers around Australia who make a living from honey production, as well as the 22,000+ who keep bees for pleasure, are today caring for and tending their bees like they do every day. We keep working with our bees because we love it, and because we think Australian honey is the best in the world. We’re all hoping that we can rebuild consumer trust in honey, but we’re going to need government backing and support from honey-lovers to recover from this.

Peter McDonald
9 October, 2018

Download Statement here (PDF 287KB)

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