Apis cerana in Townsville – No. 13

Back in harness.

On 10 October, 2016 a small swarm of Asian bees was found at Castle Hill. This is not far from North Ward where foraging bees have been found and continue to be found. So beelining is still continuing there. There were no mites found on these bees so it is 8POR.

With the agreement to the eradication plan, the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have advertised full time positions for the program. There have been interviews held and we await the appointments.

Our volunteers continue to go to Townsville with positive results. If you are interested in volunteering please contact me. At some time soon we will cease sending volunteers as the wet season commences. We will re-commence when the wet season ends.

Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director
21 October, 2016

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