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AHBIC Industry Update 58 – T2M April 2024

15 April 2024

National Program Report April 2024 Publicly available summary of the National Transition to Management Plan can be viewed on the AHBIC website: National Varroa Mite Response Plan V4 Detailed Summary […]

National Program Report April 2024

Publicly available summary of the National Transition to Management Plan can be viewed on the AHBIC website:

National Varroa Mite Response Plan V4 Detailed Summary

National Varroa Mite Response Plan V4 Short Summary

Varroa Mite Management Workshops

The FREE National Varroa Mite Management Program workshops progressed the development of education resources for the non-accredited ps. The National Program will commence face to face workshops beginning in April in NSW and extending across the country in the coming months.

All upcoming events are available to view on the following website, managed by NSW DPI as the lead agency of the T2M – Varroa Management Training Registration LINK

Tuesday 16th April      Wednesday 17th April            Tuesday 30th April                  Wednesday 1st May

Penrith                        Hornsby                                  Ballina                                     Coffs Harbour

Gymea                           Wollongong

Locations will continue to be announced as the national coordination is completed, this includes workshops across other jurisdictions. AHBIC encourages all beekeepers to attend the workshops covering

  • Understanding Varroa mite and its impacts
  • The importance of monitoring and treatment thresholds
  • Integrated pest management and Varroa
  • Chemical treatment options including organic options
  • Brood location, frame rotation and management
  • Best practice record keeping

Beekeepers should stay informed by being registered in your state, subscribing to AHBIC’s newsletter, becoming a member of a beekeeping association or club and look out for regular updates and details on how you can attend a FREE national workshop near you.

Varroa Development Officers – Extension and Engagement

Bianca Giggins, as the National Varroa Mite Coordinator, AHBIC, is overseeing the VDO activities nationally and AHBIC have been actively communicating with state governments and associations to progress VDO recruitment in all applicable jurisdictions for the National Program.

The work of VDO’s will be to promote Varroa mite monitoring and hive management practices across Australia, enhancing and complementing the existing Bee Biosecurity Officer network. VDOs will focus on engaging with beekeepers around hive health monitoring but with a focus on Varroa.

Promoting best practice, helping with record keeping and promoting other activities of the T2M including profiting the COLOSS survey when it is up and running. VDO’s can be called upon for engagements at bee club and association branch meetings, face to face via in-field skills development and are able to provide assistance to beekeepers throughout Australia.

In NSW, the Extension and Engagement activities are progressing well, VDO’S attended Train-the-Trainer event early April at Tocal College and have recently participated in some of the T2M Management Workshops across the NSW east coast. This allowed VDO’s to be introduced to members of the industry who were in attendance. Reach out to the VDO’s and their Coordinator for engagement activities, they are ready to help you with your beekeeping through non-judgemental support and guidance.

NSW Varroa Development Officers:

Dave Fairhall – Coordinator – 0482 689 243

Ben Stevenson – 0408 843 037

Cameron Taylor-Brown

0419 158 025

Simon Phillips – 0448 047 097

Harvey Howard – 0475 627 846

Ross Graham – 0497 924 473

Stanislav Nenov – 0419 280 875

Alex Schellenberg – 0419 164 615

Emily Noordyke – 0488 388 541

National Pollination Industry Coordinator

This role is due to be advertised soon, with emphasis on coordinating the development of varroa specific content to meet the needs of pollination-dependent industries. Working with existing Industry Development Officer (IDO) networks across the country to support dissemination and delivery of these resources to growers. AHBIC will provide more information when it becomes available and are looking forward to the role being filled and productive relationships to follow.

COLOSS Australia

COLOSS is a global initiative conducting standardised colony loss surveys across 30 countries. Each country uses the annually updated core mandatory survey questions, selects from the optional questions such as Varroa mite management options, and may include additional locally relevant questions.

Establishing an Australian COLOSS style survey will help us understand the effects of Varroa mite and how well beekeeper cohorts (e.g. recreational, commercial) are managing it. This, in turn, will guide research priorities, treatment recommendations, practice changes and inform the pollination dependent industries of pollination hive supply. Register your interest via the form below and AHBIC will make sure you receive information when the survey is up and running: COLOSS SURVEY Early Registration LINK

AHBIC Varroa Treatment Table

The treatment table has had a recent overview and updated as of 12th April. The table continues to outline the range of chemical treatments that are either under emergency permit, currently registered or application pending for varroa treatments.  The table is a guide only in understanding the key drivers of decision making surrounding Varroa management options when thresholds are met and beekeepers are looking to treat using chemicals. AHBIC Varroa Treatment Table

Bee Pest Blitz – April

April is Bee Pest Blitz month for Australian beekeepers! AHBIC encourages all beekeepers to get busy monitoring your hives for mites. Early detection of Varroa mite in your colonies is key to understanding when to intervene and give your bees the best chance of survival. All beekeepers should be learning to monitor using an approved and effective method, check out the nationally agreed alcohol wash resources including a detailed alcohol wash video at:

You can reach out to AHBIC via:

Varroa Coordinator 

Bianca Giggins

0402 467 780

AHBIC, its employees, executive and consultants expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person in respect of anything, and the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done in reliance, whether wholly, partly, upon the whole or any part of the contents of this industry update document.