3rd Australian Bee Congress

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council Inc. (AHBIC) has given approval to conduct the Third Australian Bee Congress at Royal Pines on the Gold Coast Queensland from Wednesday 27 June to Saturday 30 June 2018. The theme for the Congress will be “Pollination and Beekeeping for the Future”.

Previous congresses have been held on the Gold Coast in 1972 and 1988; it’s undeniable that this congress is well over due.
A National Conference Committee has been established by AHBIC and is chaired by Ben Hooper.

“My Committee is working towards providing a program that is both educational and empowering, especially in the field of providing pollination services.” Ben Hooper said. “So at this time we would ask you to put the date in your diary for 2018 and spread the word to all beekeepers, both here in Australia and overseas.”

So please put this in your diary. June 2018 is not that far away.

Soon we will start a regular information update that keeps you informed of the latest developments. You will be invited to subscribe to that information service. So keep an eye out for the invitation to subscribe. It will be publicised widely within our industry.

Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director
23 March, 2017

Download PDF here (286 KB)

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