Honey Month 2016

May is National Honey Month. Here are some activities taking place during the month of May across the country:

New South Wales

Event: Talk by Lamorna OsborneHoneybees and Sutherland’s contribution to international bee research in Tonga.
Date: Thursday 26 May at 7.00 pm
LocationSutherland Library, 30-36 Belmont Street, Sutherland.
Contact: Sutherland Library: 02 9710 0236

Event: Four short talks covering  pollination, medical use of honey, why become a beekeeper and how,  life of a worker bee, and get dressed up and open a hive (loan protective gear provided).
Session Times: Sessions every  hour at 10 am11 am, 12 midday.
Date: Sunday 29 May, 10.00 am – 12.30 pm Open day
Location: Sutherland Beekeepers Club – see website for map:  www.beekeeperssutherland.org.au

Event: Talk by local beekeeper Lynda Kay from Two Creeks Honey at East Lindfield about the life of the honey bee and their importance as pollinators. There will also be discussion on some current Australian research into the health benefits of honey.
Date: Sunday 15th May at 10.00am.
Location: “That Great Market”  9 Wellington Road, East Lindfield.
Contact: Jacqui@thatgreatmarket.com.au, 0414 456 302.

Northern Territory

Event: Honeybees, Pollination and our Food Security, Speakers Vicki Simlesa DPI and Dr Lamorna Osborne. Hands on display.
Date: Thursday evening 19 May
Location: Darwin City Library, Civic Centre, Harry Chan Ave, Darwin.
Contact: Stacey 08 8930 0216
Visit the website for more information and to book tickets: www.darwin.nt.gov.au/libraries


Local is the emphasis for this year’s Honey Month in Queensland.

Individual beekeepers and Beekeeping Groups throughout the State will be participating in a wide variety of events and activities, supporting and tapping into their own local communities to provide many and varied information and learning opportunities. Some of these will include:

  • Local Shopping Centres – beekeepers manning information stands.
  • Local Libraries – with beekeeping talks and displays.
  • Local Radio – interviews with local beekeepers.
  • Local Newspapers – interviews and stories with local beekeepers, with growers who depend on honeybee pollination as well as publishing honey recipes and tips.
  • Local Agricultural Shows – extra displays and information at the Beekeeping Stands.
  • Local Events – extra displays, information sessions and promotion at events such as Garden Shows and local Markets.
  • Local Community Groups – local beekeepers presenting a talk to the group, providing honey for the “cuppa”, supplying the refreshments (with honey as an ingredient) as well as the recipe for members to cook at home.
  • Honey Recipe Books – promoted and sold at local businesses.
  • Practical Days – provided by experienced beekeepers and groups, especially for local residents interested in keeping bees for pleasure.
  • Beekeeping Groups – a special monthly meeting during “Honey Month” with a greater emphasis on, and participation in, all things honey.

South Australia

Information can be found on the National Honey Month SA Facebook page


Information available soon

Western Australia

Event: The Honey Month Festival Western Australia
Date: Sunday May 1st  10am-4pm
Cost: Free event
Location: To be held in the grounds of The House of Honey, 867 Great Northern Highway, Herne Hill.

Highlights (so far……):

  • Discover how to become a beekeeper, meet Hobbyist and Commercial beekeepers
  • John Guilfoyles display of beekeeping equipment, see how a bee hive is made and bee in the running to win one!
  • Check out a Flow hive and see whether it’s for you!
  • Aboriginal dance group Wadumbah performing the Honey Bee Dance at 11am
  • Fund for the kids too. Join with the SCITECH gang, follow the honey bee pollination trail (lots of fun for the kids). Do the waggle dance with the Capilano Bee.
  • Beekeeper talks plus how to submit a winning jar of honey!
  • Honey Judging competition to be submitted by 29/4. Click here or Phone/email for a form.
  • ** NEW** Honey Cake competition (to specific recipe supplied) Click here. Deliver on the day.
  • Watch beekeepers loading their trucks
  • Scientist from UWA with lots of bee biz
  • Refreshments available or bring a picnic
  • Honey Month Honey for sale & tasting.

Contact: For further information contact Lamorna Osborne at lmosborne13@gmail.com

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