Apis cerana and Varroa jacobsoni in Townsville – No. 15

Advice has been received that on Friday 11 November a nest of Asian bees was found in Queens Park in North Ward. It was about 5 metres up in a curtain fig tree. It was about 3 kilometres west from the original find at the port, 1IP.

Extraction was not easy and most of the dead bees were not able to be collected as they fell into a hollow section of the tree when sprayed.

Examination of the brood comb revealed no V. jacobsoni.

It is estimated to be between 3 and 6 months old. No queen cells or remnants of queen cells were found.

A new numbering system is now being used and this find becomes 169POR. It is the tenth detection.

Advice has been received that genetic analysis of the first nine (9) detections show they are all related and as such originated from just one incursion.

Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director
21 November, 2016

ABARES Report and Biosecutiry Roundtable

I thought that beekeepers would be interested to know that the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences have just released the survey of the beekeeping industry in Australia.

I have sent out this notice as I thought it best not to wait to report it in the AHBIC newsletter which comes out at the end of the month. It can be viewed at: agriculture.gov.au


As I was sending this out I thought it also opportune to report that AHBIC Chairperson Lindsay Bourke and myself attended a Biosecurity Roundtable with members of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources.

The ABC reported on this and it can be found at: www.abc.net.au

Lindsay and I are currently looking at the Hansard proofs and the full transcript of the Roundtable should be on the Parliamentary website soon.


Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director
8 December, 2016

Download PDF here (PDF 220KB)

November 2016 Newsletter

Download AHBIC’s November 2016 newsletter here (PDF 875KB)


October 2016 Newsletter

Download AHBIC’s October 2016 newsletter here (PDF 901KB)


Apis cerana and Varroa jacobsoni In Townsville – No. 14

Advice has been received that on 18 October, 2016 a very small cluster of Asian bees was found at Belgian Gardens. This is about 4 kms from the original find at the port and about 400 metres from a previous find in the neighbouring suburb of North Ward.

No varroa mites were found on the bees. This becomes 9POR.

Currently no foraging Asian bees are being seen.

Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director
4 November, 2016

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